Main Subjects = Soil Mechanics and Foundation
Settlement of Strip Footings on Sand Subjected to Cyclic Loading

Volume 55, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 6-6


Mahmoud Nikkhah; Seyed Majdeddin Mir Mohammad Hosseini; Saeed Abrishami

Numerical Simulation of Pile Group Behavior by Proposed Optimum Mix Design of Plastic Concrete

Volume 54, Issue 12, March 2023, Pages 18-18


Mahmood Taghdisi Ali; Masoud Khabazian; Seyed Mohammad Sajjadi Attar

A strategy in developing standards for liner of municipal solid waste landfills in Iran

Volume 54, Issue 11, February 2023, Pages 15-15


Nafise Jamialahmadi; Mohammad Hashemi; Mehran Karimpour-Fard