Evaluating the capacity of the Multi-Plate Mechanical Anchors in Granular Soils

Document Type : Research Article


1 B.Sc., M.Sc., Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Earth Resources, Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran,

2 Department of Civil Engineering, , Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch


Nowadays, humans have thought of creating structures and platforms onshore and offshore to provide energy. Until now, various anchors with different shapes have been introduced for strength and stability of platforms, for offshore and onshore applications. In this research, a new type of expendable multi-plate anchors is proposed with the ability to expand the plates in the soil with lower energy. As these anchors are recently introduced, their bearing capacity has not been extensively evaluated. In this research, the behavior of these anchors was investigated experimentally. The evaluated parameters are soil compaction and distance between plates on the maximum pull-out capacity of them. Firstly the performance of single plate anchors was compared with the double plate anchors with equivalent areas then the effect of above mentioned parameters was determined for double plate anchors Based on the experimental results, single-plate shows higher bearing capacity in high soil compaction, but in low soil compaction, the bearing capacity of the double plate capacity is increased. The effect of the distance between the plates on the final bearing capacity has been far greater than the effect of the change in soil density. Also, 4 different soil compaction and distance between two plates for a double plate were investigated. Overall the effects of distance between two plates have more impact on bearing capacity in comparison to soil compaction.


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