Main Subjects = Geotechnical Environmental
Number of Articles: 26
1. Experimental Study on the Effect of Adding Polypropylene Fibers on Soil Stabilized by Cement and Zeolite Replacement

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 18 July 2021


Abdolreza Karimi; Masoud Amelsakhi; Reza Yousefi; Amir Abbas Amooei

2. Experimental investigation of cyclic behavior of zeolite cemented sand

Volume 53, Issue 12, March 2022, Pages 17-17


Meysam Saadati; Mehdi Derakhshandi; Amin Bahmanpour; Navid Ganjian

6. Effect of Lead Nitrate on the Behavior and Shear Strength Parameters of clayey sand

Volume 53, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 575-588


Mahmoud Hassanlourad; mohmmad hossein zade; Seyed Abolhassan Naeini

9. Evaluation of Mechanical Behaviour of Reinforced Anzali port's sand with Poly-ethylene-therphthalate (PET)

Volume 52, Issue 12, March 2021, Pages 3183-3202


Zahra Hajiannejad; Mohsen Keramati; Morteza Alinejad; reza naderi

11. Laboratory study on stabilization of kaolinite clay with cement and cement kiln dust

Volume 52, Issue 4, July 2020, Pages 935-948


Sadegh Ghavami; Hamid Jahanbakhsh; Fereydoon Moghaddasnezhad

17. Numerical and Experimental Studies of Seismic in-Soil Isolation of MSW Landfill by Geosynthetic Liners: Case Study of Kahrizak Landfill,Tehran, Iran

Volume 51, Issue 3, September and October 2019, Pages 557-574


Vahid Mirhaji; Yaser Jafarian; mohamad hasan baziar; Mohammad Kazem Jafari

18. Evaluate the effects of heavy metal contamination on settlement properties of sandy clay

Volume 51, Issue 2, July and August 2019, Pages 341-350


Alireza Negahdar; Minoo NikGhalbPour; Mohammadreza Shabanian; Narmin Ghadimi

19. Effect of Leachate pH on the Collapse Potential and Shear Strength Parameters of Collapsible Soils

Volume 51, Issue 1, May and June 2019, Pages 45-58


M.A. Khodabandeh; M. Keramati; S.M. Hosseini; S. Nokandeh

23. Bio-stabilization of Sand by Surface Percolation

Volume 50, Issue 4, November and December 2018, Pages 735-746


A. Karimian; M. Hassanlourad; Gh. Karimi

24. Evaluation of Fibers Effect on the Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste

Volume 50, Issue 3, September and October 2018, Pages 433-444


N. Shariatmadari; A. H. Sadeghpour; A. H. Karam Dad; F. Dogmehchi