Main Subjects = Soil Mechanics and Foundation
A strategy in developing standards for the liner of municipal solid waste landfills in Iran

Volume 54, Issue 11, February 2023, Pages 4327-4342


Nafise Jamialahmadi; Mohammad Hashemi; Mehran Karimpour-Fard

Investigation on the efficiency of different methods for evaluation of ground settlement due to excavation of Tabriz metro tunnel, line 2

Volume 54, Issue 10, January 2023, Pages 3777-3800


Mohammad-Reza Baghban Golpasand; Safa Pourjavad; Gholamreza Baghban Golpasand; Sayfoddin Moosazadeh

Fuzzy classification of soils based on Iranian standard of 2800

Volume 54, Issue 10, January 2023, Pages 4035-4052


Haleh Meshginghalam; Mehrdad EMAMI Tabrizi; Mohammad Reza Chenaghlou

Under-compaction method for sample preparation of Boushehr carbonated silty sand

Volume 54, Issue 9, December 2022, Pages 3243-3262


Elham Ghanbari Alamouti; Reza Ziaie Moayed; Seyed Abolhasan Naeini

Investigation of Frozen Soil Behavior under Unconfined Compression Test

Volume 54, Issue 8, November 2022, Pages 3083-3096


Alireza Negahdar; Alireza Ahmadi Barough; Mirmahdi Seyedrahimi-Niaraq

The effect of particle size and degree of saturation on liquefaction potential of sandy soil

Volume 54, Issue 7, October 2022, Pages 2627-2640


Gholam Ali Jafarzadeh emenabadi; Seyed abolhasan Naeini; reza ziaie moayed