The use of steel waste as granular stone materials in stone columns along with geotextile in the direction of sustainable development

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Iran

2 azad eslami

3 Department of Civil Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


The materials that make up the columns are generally sand, gravel or crushed stone, which are sometimes called stone or gravel columns. The implementation of this system is widely used in geotechnical engineering to increase bearing capacity and reduce settlement. The use of industrial wastes such as steel slag in soil stabilization can be an environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective technique for solid waste disposal. Surveys show that many studies have been conducted on the bearing capacity and settlement of improved soils with stone columns with or without geosynthetic cover. However, a very limited number of studies on conventional stone columns and steel slag columns with or without confinement and geosynthetic cover have been investigated in laboratories under lateral loading. In this article, the lateral load capacity of steel slag granular sand-column environments has been investigated using a large-scale direct shear test device. The effect of column material type (steel slag and sand), column diameter, and changing the type of geosynthetic coating on the shear strength parameters of sand-column composites has been investigated. The experimental results show the effectiveness of using steel slag columns to improve the lateral load performance of sand, so that by increasing the diameter of the column in the sand environment from 5 to 25 cm, the percentage of maximum stress increases by 20 to 70% and also the percentage of internal friction angle increases by 200 Up to 800% compared to the sand environment without slag column was observed.


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