Main Subjects = Types of flexible pavement failures
Evaluation of UAV Photogrammetric capability in Road Pavement Cracks Detection

Volume 54, Issue 5, August 2022, Pages 1705-1730


Seyed Arya Fakhri; Mohammad Saadatseresht; Masood Varshosaz; HAMZEH ZAKERI

Evaluation of the Effect of Slack Wax and Polypropylene Wax on the Rutting Properties of Crumb Rubber Modified Binder

Volume 53, Issue 5, August 2021, Pages 1835-1852


Mahmood Ameri; Abolfazl Afshin; Mehdi Ebrahimzadeh Shiraz; Arash Rahimi Yengejeh

Pavement Distress Data Collection and 3D Pavement Surface Reconstruction Using Kinect Sensor

Volume 51, Issue 1, May and June 2019, Pages 29-44


S. Firoozi Yeganeh; A. Mahmoudzadeh; A. Golroo; M.R. Jahanshahi