Main Subjects = Hydraulic
Number of Articles: 45
1. Probabilistic description of coarse particle motion above threshold by particle tracking velocimetry method in an experimental study

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 02 July 2021


Hamed Farhadi; kazem Esmaili; Manousos Valyrakis; Abdolreza Zahiri

3. Investigation of Flow Characteristics and Pressure Parameters of Free and Submerged Hydraulic Jumps in USBR Stilling Basins

Volume 53, Issue 10, January 2022, Pages 2-2


Seyed Nasrollah Mousavi; Farsadizadeh Davood; Farzin Salmasi; Ali Hosseinzadeh Dalir

7. Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Characteristics of Vertical Drops with Screens and Gradually Wall Expanding

Volume 53, Issue 8, November 2021, Pages 4-4


Behnam Nayebzadeh; Mohammad Ali Lotfollahi-yaghin; Rasoul Daneshfaraz

8. Transverse Flow Characteristics in the Meandering Compound Channels

Volume 53, Issue 8, November 2021, Pages 20-20


Mohammad Naghavi; Mirali Mohammadi; Ghorban Mahtabi

12. Statistical Analysis of Wind Force

Volume 53, Issue 3, June 2021, Pages 14-14


Ehsan Jahani; mehrab ekraghanbari

15. A numerical study on the behavior of a supercritical flow over piano key side weirs

Volume 52, Issue 11, February 2021, Pages 2913-2930


amirali mohamadali pourahari; Mohammadreza Jalili-Ghazizadeh; jalal attari; Mahmoud karimi

16. Experimental investigating on hydraulic parameters of vertical drop equipped with combined screens

Volume 52, Issue 10, January 2021, Pages 2487-2500


Vadoud Hasannia; Rasoul Daneshfaraz; Sina Sadeghfam

17. Velocity structure in interflow density currents

Volume 52, Issue 10, January 2021, Pages 2607-2620


Mohadeseh Sadeghi Askari; mehdi ghomeshi

18. Using Artificial Neural Network surrogate model to reduce the calculations of leak detection in water distribution networks

Volume 52, Issue 10, January 2021, Pages 2635-2648


saeed sarkamaryan; Seyed Mohammad Ashrafi; Ali Haghighi; Hossein M.V. Samani

20. Comparison of Hyporheic Exchanges in 2D and 3D Riffle-Pool bed form structures

Volume 52, Issue 8, November 2020, Pages 2059-2072


Neshat Movahedi; Amir Ahmad Dehghani; Christian Schmidt; Nico Trauth; Mehdi Meftah Halaghi

21. Evaluation and Comparison of the Slots and Collars Performance in Reducing Scouring around Bridge Abutments

Volume 52, Issue 7, October 2020, Pages 1637-1650


mahdi osrush; seyed abbas hosseini; Amir abbas Kamanbedast

23. Experimental study of piano key side weir with oblique keys

Volume 52, Issue 7, October 2020, Pages 1671-1684


Mahmoud karimi; Mohammadreza Jalili-Ghazizadeh; Mojtaba saneie; Jalal Attari

24. Physical Simulation of Discharge Flow from Deep Conduit in Dense Reservoir (In Terms of Use in the Gotvand Dam Deep Pipe)

Volume 52, Issue 7, October 2020, Pages 1743-1764


Shervin Faghihirad; Hossein Ardalan; Arash Nikkhah; Amir Esfandiarnejad