Main Subjects = Construction Engineering and Management and Control
Life cycle cost of bridges optimization by considering the reliability of bridges

Volume 54, Issue 10, January 2023, Pages 3723-3742


Mohammad Javad Taheri Amiri; Milad Hematian; Shervin Roshanghalb

Investigation of the Optimal Design Equation for Stirrups Used in Ductile Reinforced Concrete Columns

Volume 53, Issue 11, February 2022, Pages 4613-4638


mohammadreza adlparvar; Ehsan Dehghani; Mohmmad Hossein Taghavi Parsa

Compressive strength prediction of ordinary concrete, fly ash concrete, and slag concrete by novel techniques and presenting their optimal mixtures

Volume 53, Issue 10, January 2022, Pages 4105-4124


Mehrdad Ehsani; Hamed Naseri; Ruhollah Saeedi Nezhad; Mohammadali Etebari Ghasbeh; Fereidoon Moghadas Nejad