Study and Analysis of Lands for Physical Development of Coastal Cities Based on Geotechnical Criteria (Case Study: Bandar Abbas)

Document Type : Research Article


1 PhD Student, Islamic Azad University of Qeshm Branch, Faculty of Engineering, Qeshm Island, Iran.

2 Associate professor, Faculty of Engineering, Hormozgan University, Bandar Abbas, Iran.

3 Assistant Professor, The Research Center of Islamic legislative Assembly, Tehran, Iran.


Determining suitable lands for urban development is one of the most important and complex decisions of city managers. The main approach of the present study is to determine suitable lands for physical development of Bandar Abbas, to achieve which, one of the effective components including geological criteria (6 sub criteria), geotechnical (13 sub criteria) and environmental (4 sub criteria) Was used. ANP method was used to weight the criteria. After creating the information layers, fuzzy operators AND, OR, SUM, Product, gamma 0.9, gamma 0.7 and gamma 0.5 were used to superimpose the criteria. OLS was used to select the best operator to show suitable lands for urban development and clustering of neighborhoods was done by K-mean method. The results showed that the weights of geotechnical, environmental and geological criteria were 0.584, 0.280 and 0.135, respectively. The results of OLS showed that among the fuzzy operators, the SUM algebraic operator had the highest correlation with the research criteria and provided the best map for determining urban development lands. The results of K-mean method showed 4 clusters for urban development of Bandar Abbas. In the first cluster, 53.6% (30.5 km2) of the lands located in the eastern and northeastern regions of Bandar Abbas, are quite suitable for the physical development of the city. Is; 30.7% (17.5 km2) of suitable land is located in the northwestern part; About 13.1 percent (7.5 km2) of unsuitable lands and 2.4 percent (1.4 km2) of completely unsuitable lands.


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