Keywords = Discharge coefficient
Number of Articles: 11
Undular Flow Conditions and Discharge Coefficients in Rectangular Broad-Crested Weirs

Volume 54, Issue 1, April 2022, Pages 8-8


Bahram Nourani; Farzin Salmasi; Hadi Arvanaghi; Faezeh Rezaei

A numerical study on the behavior of a supercritical flow over piano key side weirs

Volume 52, Issue 11, February 2021, Pages 2913-2930


amirali mohamadali pourahari; Mohammadreza Jalili-Ghazizadeh; jalal attari; Mahmoud karimi

Experimental study of piano key side weir with oblique keys

Volume 52, Issue 7, October 2020, Pages 1671-1684


Mahmoud karimi; Mohammadreza Jalili-Ghazizadeh; Mojtaba saneie; Jalal Attari

Experimental Study of Pyramid Vortex Breakers Effect on the Discharge Coefficient of Submerged Morning Glory Spillway

Volume 52, Issue 5, August 2020, Pages 1093-1108


Farzaneh Sayadzadeh; Seyed Habib Musavi-jahromi; Hosein Sedghi; Amir Khosrojerdi

Numerical Simulation of the over and through flow Discharge in Broad-Crested Gabion Weirs with side Slopes

Volume 50, Issue 4, November and December 2018, Pages 619-630


M. Tavakol-Sadrabadi; M. Fathi-moghaddam; R. Mohammadpour

Flow Field over the Rubber Dams Based on Fluid-Structure Intractions

Volume 49, Issue 3, November 2017, Pages 477-486


N. Cheraghi-Shirazi; A.R. Kabiri-Samani; B. Boroomand