Keywords = Finite element method
Number of Articles: 16
1. Analytical Investigation on the Effect of Connection Type of Steel X-Bracing to the Reinforced Concrete Frames

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 22 November 2021


Yashar Hodaipour; Adel Ferdousi

6. The Nested-Eccentric-Shells Damper with an Improved Approach to Increasing Hysteresis Behavior

Volume 53, Issue 1, April 2021, Pages 21-34


Alireza Reisi; Hamid Reza mirdamadi; Mohammad Ali Rahgozar

8. Effect of rectangular spiral stirrup on bearing capacity of RC beams under cyclic loading

Volume 52, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 135-154


Mojtaba Labibzadeh; Farhad Bostan Shirin; Amin Khajehdezfuly

9. Evaluation of Constitutive Soil Models in Soil Nail Wall Using Centrifuge Model

Volume 52, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 171-186


Ferydoon Khosravi; Sayed Rasool Soorani; Faraz Ahimoghadam

11. Investigating The Effect of Thermal Loading on Cooling Tower Shells

Volume 51, Issue 4, November and December 2019, Pages 631-644


salman rahimian; reza morshed

12. Experimental and FEM Study on Damaged Granitic Rock Using Second Rank Crack Tensor

Volume 51, Issue 3, September and October 2019, Pages 415-424


Kamran Panaghi; ali akbar golshani

16. Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams Including Dam-Foundation Rock Interaction

Volume 46, Issue 1, September 2014, Pages 11-22


Hamid reza Kazemi nia korrani; Vahid Lotfi