Selective Recovery of Copper from Lead and Tin by Solvent Extraction of Method

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mining and Metallurgical engineering, Amirkabir university of Technology, Tehran, Iran


High electrical conductivity of metals such as gold, silver and platinum extensively increased the use of these metals in electronics. In addition to the platinum group metals, large amounts of copper, tin and lead are present in E-Waste. For an effective recovery of precious metals, and also from an economic perspective, it is essential to recover the mentioned metals. In this paper, separation of copper from tin and lead by solvent extraction was studied. Fluoroboric acid and LIX984N was used as leachant and organic solvent, respectively. Effective factors such as the concentration of organic solvent, pH, temperature and concentration of copper on the extraction of copper were investigated. The treatment of leach liquor for solvent extraction of copper with LIX984N showed that 20% LIX984N in kerosene, a 30 min period of equilibrium, and a pH of 3 were sufficient for the extraction of Cu(II) and 99.99% copper can be recovered from the leached solution.


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