Two dimensional dynamic analysis of rectangular liquid-storage tanks under harmonic and seismic loading by method of fundamental solutions using pressure formulation

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of civil engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Department of civil engineering and transportation, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.


Water reservoirs play a vital role in human life. Therefore they must maintain their stability against all reasonable external excitation. When rectangular tanks subjected to external excitations, sloshing occurred in free surface and as a result, hydrodynamic force applied to side walls of liquid-storage tanks. One of the new effective methods that can model water behavior in every step of time is method of fundamental solution, which is a meshless numerical method for solving the potential pressure equations and is obtained by the multiple set of algebratic logarithmic basis functions. Among of advantages of this method, solving problems with large displacements, avoiding mesh generation, requiring fewer points for the discretization of points on boundaries and solving the equation of pressure as earthquake loading applied to water tanks are prominent. Also, for calculating the free surface motions, presented Lagrangian algorithm is an efficient and accurate algorithm that can predict the geometry of the points at end of the time steps according to information at the beginning of time steps. In this research, at the first, a small rectangular tank is studied under harmonic vibration and then, a study on the behavior of rectangular reservoirs in small and actual dimension is performed under horizontal loading of scaled Chi-Chi earthquake.


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