Granular Soil Bearing Capacity Improvement Using Waste Plastic Materials

Document Type : Research Article


Civil Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University, Hamedan Branch, Hamedan, Iran


Reinforcement is the improvement of total resistance with reinforcing materials (with suitable performance in tension) in soil (with fairly compressive strength and weakness in tension). In the recent years, there have been numerous studies on the application of reinforced soil and bearing capacity of granular soils. Generally, it has been seen that studies are limited to reinforced embankment by geosynthetics and metal stripes and pulleys or even plastic parts and wastes so using plastic waste in embankment has not been considered. Therefore, in this research the effect of using plastic wastes to improve bearing capacity of granular soils has been investigated. The variables are using one type of disposal plastic wastes in different weight percentages in irregular (random) reinforcement and regular reinforcement (with specified layers) in granular embankment. The research was carried out in small laboratory scale using CBR. According to results, placing plastic waste parts in sandy soil increases the bearing capacity remarkably. The optimum values were obtained at 2-2.5 weight percent of plastic parts to sand and also the required energy conditions to attain optimum percentage were examined. In this regard, the strain-stress behavior of soil was studied. The results showed that increasing weight percentage of plastic parts to 2-2.5 in the condition of irregular and regular distribution, respectively, raises the soil elasticity coefficient to 234 and 152%.


Main Subjects

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