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Coupled DEM-SPH Modeling of Saturated Sand

Volume 55, Issue 11, February 2024, Pages 2207-2226


Younes Khalili; Ahmad Mahboubi; Mohammad Haji-Sotoiudeh

DEM Simulation of Mechanical Behavior of Cemented Angular Sand under Isotropic Compression Test

Volume 55, Issue 8, November 2023, Pages 1547-1560


Moin Alreza Ghandehari; Ehsan Seyedi Hosseininia; siavosh Hohari

Investigation on the efficiency of different methods for evaluation of ground settlement due to excavation of Tabriz metro tunnel, line 2

Volume 54, Issue 10, January 2023, Pages 3777-3800


Mohammad-Reza Baghban Golpasand; Safa Pourjavad; Gholamreza Baghban Golpasand; Sayfoddin Moosazadeh