Evaluation of Soil-Structure Interaction Parameters in Static and Dynamic Response of the Retaining Wall

Document Type : Research Article


Civil Engineering Department, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


Doing deep excavation in the urban limited spaces, the stabilization of massive soil slope and construction of large coastal walls require using of new methods and accurate calculation and analysis. So, in this study the finite element method (FEM) with ABAQUS software was used to modeling of the retaining wall. To evaluation of wall and soil behavior accurately, solid element and nonlinear behavior material was used to demonstrate more exactly responses of retaining wall. Also the structure response calculated for different parameters in concrete and soil. More than 50 analysis are used in this study. Sensitive analysis in interaction parameters and material behavior is considered to calculate the maximum displacement at the top and shear stress at button. It is shown that density changes are more important in the static and dynamic response of structures, but in dynamic analysis this parameter 30 percent more affect to the response comparing to static analysis.


Main Subjects

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