Slope Stability Optimization with Non-circular Slip Surface and using Firefly Algorithm, Simulated Annealing and Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm

Document Type : Research Article


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering (Civil Engineering), Arak University

2 MSc Student of Soil Mechanics, Faculty of Engineering, Arak University


Taking into account that the stability analysis of the earth slopes is a complicated geotechnical problem and conventional methods of analyses because of circular slip surface assumption, are incapable to estimate the location of the slip surface especially in non-homogeneous earth slopes.Therefore, the new methods for the study of these types of slopes are necessary. Nowadays, the methods based on optimization principles are developed and the main point in the application of these new methods is the evaluation of the capability of these methods. Therefore, optimizing these problems needs robust algorithms. In this research, three meta- heurestic algorithms were applied for the slope stability analyzing of three studied and selected cases from literature.
For all three cases of study, a non-circular slip surface is considered. Factor of safety was computed and compared with the same cases analysed analytically.
The obtained results indicated that ICA had the best performance and FA had the worst results for the cases studied in this research.


Main Subjects

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