A study of modeling between surface roughness and work index for Barite, pyrite and quartz

Document Type : Research Article



Morphology properties, such as surface roughness, have a very important role in the minerals processing. Thus, understanding the relationship between surface roughness of the particles and their Bond work index is important. In this study, pyrite, barite and quartz with the work index of 4.73, 8.93 and 13.57 kwh/st are examined respectively. Results showed that with decreasing of particle size, particle roughness increased. Also surface roughness in the all size ranges is as following: barite> pyrite> quartz. Consequently surface roughness of the particles decreases with increasing of their bond index. Maximum particles roughness for barite, pyrite and quartz occurred in range of +177- 147 microns, that are equivalent to 41/193, 63/84 and 09/23 (dimensionless), respectively.