Experimental study on monotonic behavior of Babolsar sand under isotropic and anisotropic consolidation based on state parameter

Document Type : Research Article



In this study, several drained and undrained triaxial tests were conducted on the reconstituted samples of Babolsar sand under isotropic and anisotropic consolidation. This sand is widely distributed over the southern bank of Caspian Sea. The tests data have been analyzed in order to investigate the steady state strength and liquefaction susceptibility of this sand within a wide range of initial relative density and principal effective stresses. It is shown that the initial stress anisotropy can profoundly affect the potential of volume change and pore pressure generation. The steady state line, however, remains identical for the isotropically and anisotropically consolidated specimens. It is shown that there exists reasonable correlation between peak values of excess water pore pressure and the corresponding state parameters.