Investigation of the effect of surface explosion on the concrete walls of the war shelter reinforced with GFRP sheets

Document Type : Research Article


1 Master of scince/Islamic Azad University, Marand Branch

2 Iran Space Research center/ Space thrusters Research Institute / Researcher

3 Assistant Professor, Shahid Madani of Azerbaijan University / Faculty of Engineering


The importance of developing passive defense systems, requires the study and analysis of structures in this area due to surface explosions. Due to the localization of the explosion phenomenon and the effects and environmental characteristics and existing obstacles, this phenomenon has special complexities. In this research, using the finite element method and with LS-Dyna, the nonlinear behavior of the walls of concrete structures reinforced with GFRP in a war shelter against The charge due to the impact of the surface blast wave is simulated and investigated in a more precise three-dimensional space. In this study, the explosive load, abutment conditions, wall dimensions, fiber material and characteristics of the materials used are considered the same and the effect of different reinforcement modes with GFRP sheet and their thickness in these modes is investigated. First, the stress distribution in the walls of the reference concrete structure was calculated and the critical areas of the structure were identified. Then, the response of the walls of the reinforcement structure in the critical area with different thicknesses is compared with each other and with the reference structure and the effect of using this reinforcement method for the walls of the structure against surface explosion loading is determined. Finally, the amount of displacement and stress distribution for different geometric locations of GFRP sheets is calculated and due to the extraction of the optimal state of reinforcement against full coverage of the walls of the structure, the use of this method in this method is considered appropriate..


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