Damage detection of model reference adaptive controlled structures using control force as a damage sensitive feature

Document Type : Research Article


1 School of civil engineering, College of engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2 University of Tehran, College of Engineering, School of Civil Engineering


Civil infrastructures, nowadays, are an indispensable part of society, and any unpredicted damage can cause severe economic and life loss. Hence, developing smart structures has been the topic of many studies during the past decades. In this article, developing a smart structure by synthesizing structural control and health monitoring is suggested by extracting damage-sensitive features from the active control force. The autoregressive models have been deployed to extract damage sensitive features in the time domain. Then, quadratic discriminant analysis is utilized to discriminant between different damage states of the structure. The active control force is obtained by two model reference adaptive controllers, namely the MIT rule and Lyapunov stability theorem, to attenuate the structural vibration caused by Gaussian white noise excitations. The proposed approach has been numerically studied on a three-story shear building with active ideal controllers in all floors. Results indicate that the proposed approach can detect the potential damage, as well as its severity and location precisely, and control forces subjected to controlled structures using active devices can be sensitive features for health monitoring purposes.


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