Ranking criteria used for underground mining method selection applying Z-numbers Theory

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Mining Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Due to its nature, mining operations are associated with many uncertainties. The effective factors in selecting the appropriate mining method in underground mines are also associated with uncertainties. The uncertainty associated with these parameters can cause various life-threatening/mortal and financial risks. Considering the risk and uncertainty related to these parameters, ranking and determining their importance, not only helps to choose the best (the safest and the most profitable) mining method before starting the mining process, but also to design a better and safer mine and reducing subsequent risks. Fuzzy parameters are generally estimated through expert knowledge, but the degree of confidence in the opinion of different experts is different and the uncertainty and difference in the reliability of their opinion cannot be ignored. In this research, Z-numbers Theory was used to solve the mentioned challenge. To conduct the present study, first the influencing factors in the selection of underground mining methods were studied and classified into 4 main groups of criteria, 13 sub-criteria 1 and 85 sub-criteria 2. Then, the Z-numbers theory was used to rank and determine their importance. After calculating the final weight of each parameter, in order to check the validity and accuracy of the findings, the results were compared with the parameters considered for choosing the underground mining method in Angouran mine. The results show that in each group of parameters, the more weighted factors (the results of the present research) correspond to the parameters related to choosing the mining method in Angouran mine.


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