Vibration control of wind turbine by using active mass damper equipped with magnetic fluid

Document Type : Research Article


School of civil engineering, Iran university of science and technology, Tehran, Iran


Todays, due to the importance of the environment, the use of renewable energy generating structures has received more attention. Therefore, dynamic analysis of such structures under natural hazards, especially earthquakes, is important. One of these structures is wind turbine. In this article, its vibration is controlled by an active mass damper equipped with a magnetic fluid damper. The masses considered for this damper are equal to 10,20,40and60ton and two type of MR damper is considered. Performance of active mass dampers will be compared according to the evaluation indexes and the optimal active damper will be introduced. To model a wind turbine, a 5MW wind turbine constructed by the National Energy Laboratory Renewable is considered and the design of this wind turbine was linear and a multi-degree freedom model is used. this wind turbine is subjected to near and far field earthquakes in an out-of-plane direction then the vibration of this wind turbine is controlled by using these active mass dampers and the vibration of this wind turbine is controlled by active mass dampers. Finally, by using the optimal damper, which is located at the top of the wind turbine tower beside the nacelle, a significant reduction in the displacement and speed of the tower is observed.


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