Evaluation Cyclic Behavior of Concrete Shear Wall with Opening Retrofitting with Composite

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1 Faculty of Civil Engineering - Semnan UNniversity

2 semnan university

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In recent years, reinforced concrete (RC) shear walls have been welcomed by structural designers with regard to their desirable seismic performance in terms of ductility. Most of the time, creating an opening in the RC shear wall due to architectural issues, which is inevitable, results in reducing the strength, ductility and stiffness of the wall. For this reason, the issue of retrofitting the RC shear walls is developed to solve these weaknesses. In this paper, first, a laboratory sample of the reinforced concrete shear wall without opening was validated in ABAQUS software. After verification of the sample, the cyclic shear wall behavior of reinforced concrete with retractable openings with eight different designs horizontally, vertically, diagonally and combined by carbon fiber reinforced sheets (CFRP) in ABAQUS finite element software has been evaluated. For nonlinear static analysis, the specimens were subjected to lateral loading, cycling, and various parameters such as stiffness, displacement, and ductility were examined and compared. The results were presented in the form of capacity (force-displacement) curves, ductility, compressive and tensile failure contours. As the results show, reinforcement of shear walls of reinforced concrete with opening increases flexural strength, shear and ductility. The results showed that the RCSW8 sample increased by 12% compared to the reference sample bearing capacity. The hardness of the RCSW8 sample is increased by 15% and the ductility is improved.


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