Evaluation Cyclic Behavior of Concrete Shear Wall with Opening Retrofitting with Composite

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1 Faculty of Civil Engineering - Semnan UNniversity

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In recent years, reinforced concrete (RC) shear walls have been welcomed by structural designers with regard to their desirable seismic performance in terms of ductility. Most of the time, creating an opening in the RC shear wall due to the architectural issues, which is inevitable, results in reducing the strength, ductility and stiffness of the wall.For this reason, the issue of retrofitting the RC shear walls is developed to solve these weaknesses. In this paper, an RC shear wall with opening was retrofitted with eight different schemes of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) sheets in ABAQUS software which were:1-vertical and horizontal CFRP sheets around the opening in RCSW1 sample, 2-horizontal CFRP sheets to increase the shear capacity in RCSW2 sample, 3- vertical and oblique CFRP sheets to prevent diagonal cracks in RCSW3 sample,4-horizontal and vertical sheets in corners of the opening in RCSW4 sample,5-horizontal and oblique CFRP sheets to reduce diagonal cracks and the strain at the foot of the wall in RCSW5 sample, 6-vertical CFRP sheets to increase flexural capacity in RCSW6 sample,7-vertical, horizontal and diagonal CFRP sheets in RCSW7 sample, and 8- horizontal and vertical CFRP sheets in whole of the wall to increase flexural and shear capacity and improve ductility in RCSW8 sample. All samples were subjected to cyclic lateral loading.Various parameters such as stiffness, displacement, ductility and failure were selected to evaluate the results.Results showed that the RCSW8 in comparison to the control sample had a 12% increase in the bearing capacity.


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