Evaluation of Non-sway Flexural Buckling of One-bay Gabled Frames by Solving Characteristic Equation

Document Type : Research Article


1 Civil engineering department of Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University. Tehran, Iran.

2 Engineering Department of Golestan University, Fazel-Abad, Ali-Abad Katool, Golestan Provonce, Iran.


      Flexural buckling is one of the buckling limit states in columns, which have at least one symmetric axis. Due to the lack of analytical solution for the differential equation of deformation of a non-prismatic column, its flexural buckling load has been determined by numerical methods, resulting in approximate solutions. This research aims at the analytical evaluation of non-sway in-plane flexural buckling of gabled frames. The equilibrium and differential equations were simultaneously used in the elastic flexural energy, consequently the characteristic equation is achieved. The effective length coefficient can be determined only with having two geometrical parameters of a gabled frame, using the relevant graph. Accurate results and simple use of the drawn graphs are among the benefits of the introduced method.


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