The Behavior of Concrete Columns Reinforced with FRP Bars Instead of Steel Rebar

Document Type : Research Article


1 Associate professor, Department of Civil Engineering, KNT University of technology, Tehran, Iran

2 MSc Student, Department of Civil Engineering, KNT University of technologym, Tehran, Iran


Using FRP material, due to their excellent features like high strength to weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, convenience of transportation and installation, is developing rapidly. Using FRP bar instead of steel rebar significantly prevents corrosion in concrete members specifically for the seashore concrete structures.
In this research, in order to investigate the benefits of replacing steel rebar with FRP bars in concrete columns, some column specimens were modeled in finite element computer program and the effects of parameters like FRP bar ratio and compressive strength of concrete on the flexural capacity and ductility of column were discussed. The investigations on the concrete columns strengthened with CFRP bar and steel rebar, indicate that the FRP bar ratio is significantly less than the steel rebar ratio to achieve the acceptable strength.


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