Bibliometric analysis of research trends on incineration during 2000-2020

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Civil Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology

2 Postdoctoral researcher at Technical University of Berlin


Even though incineration has been extensively studied by many researchers, a few bibliometric analyzes have been presented in this area. This bibliometric paper aims to value the research trend and identify the most used topics in the field of "incinerator ash" during the years 2000 to 2020 by social network analysis comprehensively. This research includes examining document type, distribution of journals, the activity of institutes and countries, language, and keywords. The results show that among the 6,179 publications surveyed related to incinerators, more than 57% of them belong to the field of environment and the number of publications in 2020 was almost four times larger than the ones in 2000.

“China” has played a key role in publishing among the countries, followed by Japan and the United States. “Waste Management” was the leading scientific journal in the field with a total of 579 articles related to incinerators, and the “Journal of Cleaner Production” had the most growth. The keywords “fly ash”, “heavy metals” and “bottom ash” have been the most frequently used keywords in 21 years. In recent years, words related to stabilization and solidification have been among the most widely used words, which shows the growth of this category of research. The significant growth of the words in the newfound fields of “life cycle assessment”, “sustainable development” and laboratory incineration-related research containing “XRD” and “SEM” can also be seen. The paper results provide a better comprehension of recent research and can also affect forthcoming research in this field.


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