Optimum use of micro silica in reducing corrosion reinforcing steel of marine concrete structures

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Islamic Azad University Central Tehran branch, Tehran, Iran



Marine structures are considered as infrastructural structures due to their special geographical location and their important share in the country's economy. The most important damage to marine concrete structures in the tidal zone is due to corrosion of reinforcements in concrete. These conditions reduce the useful life of concrete structures.

One of the effective methods to prevent corrosion of reinforcement and reduce the penetration of chlorine ions in concrete structures in marine environments is to improve the quality and mechanical properties of concrete using microsilica, although various studies have been conducted on this subject. However, this paper intends to investigate the optimal use of microsilica in reducing reinforcement corrosion in marine concrete structures on the properties of hardened concrete in 18 months and at different times.

In the Sample laboratory, with a ratio of water to cement, 34% ,40% and super plasticizer ranges from 3% to 6%, and the microsilica with the percentages 7,10,13, made, and after the exposed conditions on aggressive, etc. testing corrosion rate, Has been measured.The results show that. the effect of concrete mix containing 10% Silica fume with the ratio of water to cement 34% the durability of the reinforcement against corrosion and Service life marine structures increases.


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