Processing Material Building material with special mechanical properties using recycled materials

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faculty of member standard research institute


The purpose of this paper is to study some properties of building materials made with plaster (commercial - CGP and recycled - RGP)and waste (red - RC, and chinese - PW ceramics)using Press pressure. The brick is made with a solid mass composition containing 50 wt% of cohesive material and 50 wt% of waste material and is proportional to the amount of dry water / dry powder (0.22). According to these findings, there are various industrial waste materials such as plaster recycling, as well as materials from red (RC)and chinese waste (PW)waste. In this study, specimens were cast before using a single - core inquiry (10 kN)before obtaining a uniaxial compressive strength (10 kN). After treatment and characterization of specimens, the stress and flexural strength, porosity and microstructure of samples were investigated. The results of the compressive strength were in the range of 12MPa to 35MPa. The ratio of solid water / mass and the applied force applied to the uniaxial compressive stress before getting caught in reducing the porosity of specimens had a significant effect on their mechanical properties. The results show that this increase of waste material will cause a better quality of brick building materials.


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