Investigation of mechanical properties and chloride ions ingress in concretes containing calcined clay

Document Type : Research Article


1 Faculty of Civil Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

2 Tehran university


Portland cement production is known as an environmental pollutant and high energy consuming industry. One way to reduce cement production and consumption is to use supplementary cementious materials. Pozzolans are widely used as supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) nowadays. Due to the widespread use of Portland cement in the construction industry, partial replacement of PC with SCMs such as calcined clays can reduce the harmful environmental impacts of cement production and enhance the durability of concrete structures and increase service life.
In this study, the mechanical properties and durability of OPC and concretes containing Calcined Clays (CCs) and Limestone powder (LS) have been compared.
In this research, the effect of using calcined clays (CC) and limestone powder (LS) as SCMs on mechanical properties and durability of concrete was investigated. Six concrete mixtures have been prepared by replacing 30% of PC by 3 different CCs and LS as binary and ternary blended mixtures (LC3 mixtures). Mechanical properties, permeability and durability of concrete mixtures containing different CCs have been investigated by means of compressive strength, water absorption, electrical resistivity and rapid chloride migration test (RCMT).
According to the results, although using binary and ternary blended mixtures have reduced the compressive strength compared with control mixture, but the permeability and durability of mixtures have been significantly improved.


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