Evaluation performance of a reinforced concrete column subjected to explosion using Incremental Explosive analysis

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technical and Engineering, University of Hormozgan


To protect citizens and infrastructures in a modern society, the safe design of structures against accidental explosion is a particular importance. In this study, the aim is to evaluate the performance of a reinforced concrete column using Incremental explosive analysis, which is inspired by the method of incremental dynamic analysis. In order to achieve this goal, the concrete moment frame is designed for dead, live, and earthquake loads based on Iranian national regulations codes in Etabs software. Then, an exterior designed column related to the RC moment frame is analyzed under different ground blast intensity (hemispherical explosions at the ground level) at stand of distance 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 meter. Eulerian-Lagrangian coupling method has been used to obtain the dynamic response of the structure against rapid explosion load in Autodyn. After completing the analysis and obtaining the structural response, the IEA Curve is drawn as a structural response against the explosion intensity.Fragility curve also is obtained to determine the probability of exceeding each limit states. The results show that the probability of exceeding the limit state Ls-1 for intensity measure equals to 1 approximately equals to 80%, for the Ls-2 is about 60% and for the Ls-3 is 40%. Finally, the pressure-impulse diagram on a logarithmic scale is obtained as a combination of pressures and impulses that produce the column response in the three considered limit states. The results show that fragility curves and pressure-impulse diagrams along with IEA curves provide useful information to design.


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