A Model For Managing The Risks of International Project Procurement of Iranian Companies (Case study -Syrian Cement and Venezuelan Cement projects)

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1 studentStudent in Project Management and Construction

2 Master of Management and Construction


Despite the initial attractiveness of international projects, these projects involve high levels of challenges and risks that make it difficult for contractors to complete these projects successfully. On the other hand, most of the Iranian companies' problems in the implementation of international projects are similar, and a list of these challenges and potential risks in this type of project can be obtained using the experience of previous projects and expert opinions. Since procurement management is one of the most challenging parts of international projects, in this study, first by collecting the views of experts and examining two case studies, using Delphi rules, try to identify the factors influencing these projects. Risks were then prioritized and categorized based on the type of impact they had on the procurement area and on the project phases; the most important risks were answered and finally, a model for implementing risk management for the international project procurement department was proposed.


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