Combining the Experimental Techniques of Mining Method Selection with Fuzzy Decision Making (Case Study: Mehdi Abad Lead & Zinc Mine)

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2 Mine Optimization Lab- faculty of engineering- Imam Khomeini international university

3 zanjan university

4 Kavoshgaran


Mining method selection (MMS) is one of the most important decisions in conceptual and feasibility study of mine designs to selecting the least costly method of exploitation of ore which is in accordance with the reserve characteristics such as geological, geometric, and geomechanical, that safety, technical and economic constraints are taken into account. MMS techniques can be classified into three categories: qualitative techniques, empirical models, and decision making. To reduce the weaknesses of the empirical models, in this study, by combining it with the Fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) and Fuzzy PROMETEE decision-making technique, a suitable mining method in Mehdi Abad lead & zinc reserve has been proposed. First, using the experimental patterns: Nicholas, Nicholas modified, UBC, and UBC modified, the most suitable methods were identified. These methods include: Open-pit, sublevel stopping, room and pillar, and cut and fill that obtained the highest scores. For the implementation of Fuzzy MADM methods, the technical, economic, and environmental factors affecting the selection of the extraction method were determined based on the experts' opinions and their weights were calculated with the FAHP group technique. In the last step, by applying the Fuzzy PROMETEE technique, prioritization of the mining method was performed. Accordingly, open-pit mining was selected as the most suitable alternative. The proposed model has advantages in comparison with previous mining method selection techniques including weighting criteria with group decision making by FAHP, apply of Fuzzy data according to a real condition, having a strong theoretic structure based on Fuzzy PROMETEE.  


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