Application of Lime and Nano Lime in Control of Failure in Side Slope of Earth Channel

Document Type : Research Article


1 Master's graduate, Water engineering department, Shahrood University of Technology

2 Assistant professor, Water engineering department, Shahrood University of Technology

3 Associate professor, Water engineering department, Shahrood University of Technology


The instability of earth slopes in open channels has always been considered by hydraulic engineering. In the present study, the application of lime and nano lime in control of failure in the side slope of the earth channel has been investigated experimentally. Results showed lining of 20% lime and 5% nano lime increased the angle of internal friction 31.8% and 35.5%, respectively and cohesion reached a value of 3.3 kPa. In feeding, for slopes of 26.5, 33, 45 and 53-degree failure occurred in water levels of 560 mm, 460 mm, 460 mm and 410 mm, respectively. For the seepage situation, the slope of 26.5 degree was stable and slopes of 33 and 45 became instable in a water level of 510 mm. Slopes of 45 degree with 10% lime and 53 degree with 20% lime were stable in the maximum level of 660 mm. Potential variation behind the slope showed curve procedure with lime percent. The lining of the side slop with lime and nano lime decreased seepage discharge in the same water level. Also, the application of lime and nano lime changed the shape of the failure zone and using nano lime decreased cracks in size. In feeding, without and with lime lining, curved failure surface and crack were observed on the slope.


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