A Macro-element Model for Nonlinear Analysis of Masonry Structures

Document Type : Research Article


Tarbiat Modares University


In this study, the macro modeling of masonry structures is used based on homogenous models, and an equivalent planar-frame model based analytical method is proposed for the purpose of masonry structures assessment. The equivalent frame model is a simple applicable approach which is almost accurate and time saving. Also, it holds proper convergence compared to the exact analytical and experimental methods. In the formulation of beam column elements, distribution of nonlinearity is chosen. Nonlinear constitutive model is simulated in the cross-sections and length-sections by the usage of fiber elements. For the consideration of shear behavior, bed joint sliding mode of failure and diagonal tension mode, smeared crack approach based interface element is developed in the Matlab framework. To consider seismic assessment of masonry walls, constitutive models is considered according to Instruction for Seismic Rehabilitation of Existing Buildings (No. 36) through a subroutine in main program. The accuracy of suggested approach is verified through comparison of experimental results and existing analytical methods.The comparison of experimental results with numerical results shows a good agreement.


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