Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of an Innovative Diamond-Scheme Bracing System Equipped with a Yielding Damper

Document Type : Research Article


1 Phd Candidate, civil faculty, semnan university

2 Faculty of Civil Engineering,Semnan University,Senmnan,Iran

3 Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Semnan, Semnan, Iran.


Application of the steel ring as a type of seismic fuse has been one of the efforts made by researchers in recent years aiming to enhance the ductility of the bracing systems which in turn, possesses various advantages and disadvantages. Accordingly, to alleviate these disadvantages, an innovative bracing system with a diamond scheme equipped with a steel ring is introduced in this paper. In this system, the braces and yielding circular damper act in parallel whose main functionality is to increase ductility, energy absorption, and mitigate drawbacks of the existing bracing systems, in which the braces and yielding circular damper act in parallel. To conduct the experimental tests, specimens with three types of rigid, semi-rigid, and pinned connections were built and subjected to cyclic loading so that their performance could be analyzed. Promisingly, the results indicated both great applicability and efficiency of the proposed system in energy absorption and ductility. Moreover, it was concluded that as the braces and damper are in parallel, the use of a steel ring with a smaller size and thickness would result in higher energy absorption and load-resisting capacity when compared to the other existing systems. Finally, to assess the potential of numerically modeling the proposed system, its finite element model was simulated by ABAQUS software and observed that there is a great agreement between the numerical and experimental results.


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