Investigation of Seismic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls Rehabilitated whit Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets

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1 M.SC.of Structural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering of K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

2 Faculty of Civil Engineering of K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

3 Faculty of Civil Engineering of K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Reinforced concrete shear walls are the most commonly used lateral load-resisting systems in steel and concrete buildings, especially in the case of mid- and high-rise structures. Investigations of buildings subjected to the last severe earthquakes have shown the robust performance of these walls in minimizing structural and non-structural damages besides controlling the inter-story drifts. Accordingly, strengthening of concrete shear walls, as one of the common and reliable lateral load-resisting systems in concrete structures, particularly in areas with a high risk of seismic hazard, and studying their seismic behavior are of significant importance. Strengthening, rehabilitation, and retrofit of these structural elements will have remarkable effects on the improvement of the structural response and behavior of the buildings. Using Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite sheets is one of the practical and applicable methods for strengthening this type of wall. Nowadays, this technique is widely used as a reliable method in retrofit and renovation of buildings. In this regard, it is necessary to take a deeper look at FRP sheets and understand how they affect the seismic behavior of concrete shear walls. Indeed, civil engineers need to consider these factors in retrofitting and strengthening structural elements. Literature review on recent researches has shown inadequate study of the behavior of high-rise shear walls which strengthening with FRP layers rather than short walls. As such, in this research, the seismic behavior of high-rise shear walls reinforced by FRP layers has been studied. The main purpose of this study is to numerically model sample shear walls utilizing the Finite Elements Method (FEM) and to evaluate their seismic responses. Three types of concrete shear walls used in high-rise buildings with different heights have been modeled and analyzed using the ABAQUS commercial software. The behavior of these types of shear walls has been investigated with two types of strengthening layers (CFRP & GFRP) and two different sets and arrangements. The results showed an increase in load-bearing capacity, ductility, and energy absorption of high-rise shear walls reinforced with FRP layers.


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