Dynamic Behavior of Composite Floor Consisting Profiled Steel Sheet and Dry Board under Explosion Load

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Structure-Faculty of Civil-Jundishapur University of Technology-Dezful-Iran


One of the kinds of structural floor systems is consisting of profiled steel sheet and dry board which is connected by self-drilling and self-tapping screws. This research aims to study the behavior of mentioned floor under explosion load. For this purpose, effects of various parameters such as the thickness of the dry board and profiled steel sheet, kind of dry board, screw spacing, boundary conditions, floor dimensions, using of double profiled steel sheet and dry board, and also weight and distance of explosive material from the center of the floor, on the nonlinear dynamic behavior of the mentioned floor are studied. This study was performed by using the numerical finite element method taking advantage of ABAQUS software. The research results showed by varying parameters such as thickness and kind of dry board, dimensions and boundary conditions of the floor, using of double profiled steel sheet and dry board, and also distance and weight of explosive materials, significant changes are created in maximum displacement and strain energy of floor. But, varying other above-mentioned parameters did not create important changes in them. The profiled steel sheet and dry board reached their yield stresses under various conditions, though in many conditions they did not reach their yield stresses. The results of current research present great help to researchers and designers in identification effective and ineffective parameters on the behavior of studied floor under explosion load.


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