Energy Balance on Steel Structure with Pall Damper under Blast Loading

Document Type : Research Article


Babol Noshirvani University of Technology


Plenty of factors produce the input energy to a structure. Earthquakes and Blats each one induces an energy to the structure and it must balance between input energy and the cumulative internal energies; otherwise, damage will happen in the structure. Blast is one of the rare occurrences that can happen in the life time of a building. The number of explosive attacks on civilian structures has recently increased. Energy absorbers have being paid attention in order to control the vibrations. One of these energy absorbers is Pall damper. Considering the essence of Blast, which is the result of releasing energy, and the basis of energy absorbers which plays the role of getting the input energy of the structure, investigating the energy balance in structures having energy absorbers can help us understand the behavior of structures under Blast loads truly. Thus, in this study, it is tried to focus on the behavior of steel structures having Pall friction damper under various Blast loading, by use of energy balance concepts.


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