Experimental investigation on flexural behavior of concrete beams strengthened under constant load by CFRP sheets

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Civil Engineering, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran


Today, strengthening of reinforced concrete structures and especially flexural strengthening by fiber reinforced polymers (FRP) is used worldwide as an efficient way. In this study, the existing of a constant load during FRP flexural strengthening versus load removal before strengthening were experimentally investigated and compared. A preload with two different predetermined amounts, one to make the beam cracked elastically and the other to make beam deflected to plastic region, was applied before the strengthening of beam samples. All Externally Bonded Reinforcement In Groove (EBRIG) installed FRP sheets were ruptured during test and no de-bonding was observed. Pre-cracking of beams in unloaded strengthened beams caused a minor decrease in ultimate load capacity of strengthened beams. Also ductility and ultimate deformation was decreased. Flexural strengthened beams under constant load showed better ultimate strength (up to 8%) and also better ductility and energy dissipation ability.It can be concluded that FRP flexural strengthening of beams under constant load is more appropriate than load removal of beams during strengthening. The appropriate amount of load during strengthening must be studied in detail but excessive loading to plastic extents is not appropriate.


Main Subjects

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