Investigation on Seismic Behavior of Ecentrice Braced Frames

Document Type : Research Article



Now a days, improvement of human life and requirements to make suitable space cause to making structures with confident and safe seismic behaviror in earthquake ,economical and architectural aims. In this way, eccentric braced frames with high ductility that innovated by Popov in 1977 are very useful. In this research, visual behavior of this systems of structures ecentrice braced frames (EBF) with R factor studying has been considered. The base method in this research for studying R factor is investigation of ductility and extra resistance in frames by capacity spectra of structures resulted from static nonlinear analysis. For reaching this idea, the structural cases with public construction method have been considered. Finally, the results showd that the structures designed by Iranian standard code NO.2800-84 rules are weak in acceptance of allowed ultimate deforming and resistance of earthquake design force in standard 2800-84. So, for reaching to suitable seismic behavior of structure in earthquake, lower R factor and lower allowed displacement for design of this structures should be used.


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